Why WordPress for iPhones won’t upload videos?

Recently, I was confounded on why WordPress for my iPhone had stopped uploading videos to my blog. Having an iPhone 5s for about a year now, the best selling point for the device was leveraging iMovie and the onboard GPU to quickly edit and upload raw video from various road trips. In the beginning, I had casually shrugged off the experience as being something to do with full onboard storage. Amongst this all, I had shifted a bit of video editing to my MacBook and another Mac from work for larger files from a GoPro camera.

After taking spare time during a workday, I had started my journey with an update to iOS 8.0. Perhaps, that was going to help? Plus, I had wanted to gain access to new imaging capabilities in this upgrade. After a failed installation launching most of the onboard media to non-existence, I had tested again with the same result. No harm, no foul, my files were backed up to my MacBook. Soon after the release of iOS 8.0.2, I had performed an upgrade with the same inability to access iPhone videos. Third, removing a work related Mobile Device Management package had netted the same result. Lastily, I had noticed a new update for WordPress for iOS being available, 4.3.1 to be exact. Still no dice, I was unable to upload any videos from Photo app. As for pictures, I was only able to upload four at time. This other peculiar behavior had led me instinctively to Google.

In returned search results, I had found similar reports of the same “bug” handling media in WordPress for iOS; however, still I had no answers. Searching further now, I had ended up on Github.com. In their forums, I had struck information gold. The developers for WordPress-IOS-Editor had explained a few things.

#1. astralbodies commented Jun 17, 2014

“In the last major version of the app, we added a new media picker to the editor (for uploading images), but we disabled video uploads because they weren’t working very well.”

#2   bummytime commented Sep 30, 2014

“As of right now, the new, visual editor is our highest priority. We are anticipating releasing that in the next month or so. As soon as that is released and stable, we are going to attack all things media…including videos! ”


Having answers, I had felt somewhat relieved; however, the best part was connecting on GitHub. Now, I was able to get meaningful development updates on an application that makes this blog happen.

“And that had made all the difference” – Robert Frost

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Detour into Green Springs Park @ Deltona, Florida

“viridescent adjective \ˌvir-ə-ˈde-sənt\ meaning: greenish or becoming green. Origin: Latin viridis green” –merriam-webster.com

A friend had suggested visiting Green Springs Park in Volusia County at the beginning of September. He had mentioned an affinity for walking the premises with his wife at dusk. Now, for some reason, perhaps this aforementioned quaint notion had reduced my mental image of the park into just a pond, an oak tree and a park bench for a loving couple. The reality though, this park was more lush with plant life and extensive with acreage than this assumption.


Heading to the beaches of Titusville this past weekend, I had detoured off course into Deltona, Florida. Coming off the I4 exit, after a quick left on Debary, a right on Providence, then another quick left on Lake Shore Drive, my vehicle had pulled parallel to the St. John’s River. Across the road from the St. John’s was Green Springs Park’s entrance.


On this mid-morning, the gravel parking lot was fairly empty in difference to perhaps Wekiva Springs State Park. Approaching the main paved trail, a slow trickle of bikers had flowed in and out of the picnic tables and restroom area. Walking left down the main paved trail, Green Springs was immediately available on your right. This body of water had certain mysterious quality on viewing. The differing shades of greens emanating on, around, and below the surface had further underscored the forthcoming fall season. A friend of mine, had described the elongated branches of a tree stretching over the spring as finger-like and evil. Maybe, it was just symbolic of the history of the area being part of an old winery?


Aside from the multitude of overhanging tree limbs, a number of white square signs had lined the spring perimeter noting “No Swimming.”  If entering the water, the signs had spoke of being trespassed from the property by a park ranger. This was only the second park with fresh water springs in my travels prohibiting swimming by the generic public. The other was Silver Springs in Ocala; however, another passerby had mentioned the “locals” wait until after dark for venturing into the spring head.

Moving to the opposite end of the spring overlook, I had climbed down to the water’s edge. In my movements to get a better picture, small fish had splashed beneath the surface trying to escape perhaps some other natural predator. After collecting few more images and video, my friend and I had moved back onto one of the side trails. We had come across several small rusty colored streams. While charming in sound, the abundant thunderstorm season had provided ample breeding grounds for mosquitoes. With the swarming insects, we had quickly opted to head out of the side trails. On the way out, we had seen a pair of red cardinals. Before we could grab a few stills, they had flown away. Following that lead, we had left the park pondering the dynamic fall temperatures might bring to the miles of trails in this park.

Green Springs State Park is located at:
994 Enterprise Osteen Rd, Deltona, FL 32725

Open daily: Sunrise to sunset
Admission: Free

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Review: Been Verified

So, there are very few apps, I had selected to keep on my mobile device, year after year; however, one of those was Been Verified. Here are few reasons why!

1. Criminal Background Check – Pretty easy and quick way to reference a suitor, possible employee or just any stranger that you had wanted to be sure doesn’t have rap sheet. Interestingly enough, this pulled up even minute detail on myself, like a when I had run a stop sign in college.

2. Addresses – Ever forget those hard to remember college addresses where you lived? This is perfect for helping reconciling when filling out rental applications.

3. Acquaintances – Wonder where an old college roommate  was nowadays? This was perfect for myself in getting enough detail to catch an old friend on Facebook.

4. Price; One credit, free a month.

So for those you that hadn’t tried this app (aka service), give it a spin. You never know who might knock on your door next!



More Information:

Been Verified, Google Play (Android)

Been Verified, iTunes (Apple)

A Return to Troy Springs State Park @ Branford, Florida

An acquaintance had defined fresh water springs as simply, “A hole in the ground with water in it.” For some, the confining nature of a closed body of water with little aquatic life had probably fit that description. With my affinity for the crystal blue waters of Andros Island, Bahamas, that assessment was probably on point; however, questions had motivated my return to Troy Springs State Park @ Branford, Florida. Questions of unknown sights, limits, and connections had helped steer my vehicle across a three hour drive to the heart of north Florida.


Upon arrival, my first question about the park being underutilized had gone out the window. A group of scuba divers had conducted training drills filling the park with chatter and foot traffic. So, my friend and I had opted to wait for the activity to clear.


Patiently, I had sat on a wooden bench by the spring boil thinking of my second set of questions. What was beyond the darkness on the surface? What had concerned a dive shop owner to recommend staying clear of this descent after getting scuba certified? After cooking in the summer heat for 30 minutes, my dive buddy and I had moved into the water closing in on some answers.


Reaching 70 feet, the view was unremarkable with shadow, sand, limestone, and logs. Though, one creature had stood out, a tiny brown flounder hugging the shady spring floor. To the question of avoiding this dive after getting Padi certified, there was depth and the dangerous allure of cavernous openings.

The next reason for the trip was my friend demonstrating his ability to still function diving, despite a bum shoulder. This was an important benchmark before suggesting an open water dive in a cattle boat on the Atlantic. To that end, he had appeared like a playful otter flipping over in circles maintaining a consistent depth.

The last question was reconnecting with fresh water springs. For most of the 24 minute dive, the springs had lost some of its’ luster from the previous year. My perspective had changed with an emphasis away from swimming to diving. Though, this notion soon had changed during our safety stop. Perhaps, it was the white noise of water pushing out into the spring. This noise had provided a similar experience to lounging out in amniotic fluid. For a moment, I had felt a calm floating about with my legs and my arms crossed awaiting to rise to into the summer heat. Much like the surface skimming insects, there was a reason to be here. I had only needed to slow the mind for a minute for that epiphany of grace.

Troy Springs State Park is located at 674 Troy Springs Road, Branford, Florida 32008
Phone: (386) 935-4835

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Updating BIOS and Vmware View Agent on HP t5545 Thin Client

Few weeks ago at work, I was tasked with updating the BIOS and Vmware View Agent on out of warranty HP’s t5545 clients. The purpose was to support a newer release of VMView. The catch was being comfortable with Unix and updating packages in a certain sequence. Rather than have one more IT person squirm, I had thought pay-it-forward with this extended set of instructions after some “trial and error” and reading HP documentation.

A. Verify BIOS and VIEW agent.

  1. Boot TERMINAL.
  2. Click HP START menu.
  4. NOTE: The default password: Administrator/administrator or root/root.
  5. Under GENERAL TAB.
  6. Verify release BIOS VERSION, (i.e. 786R5v.2.00 vs. 786R5 v2.02).
  8. Verify VMWARE-VIEW-CLIENT (i.e. 4.0.1-1 etc. vs. 4.6.0-366101-1).


  1. Click MANAGEMENT tab.
  2. Insert USB stick.
  3. Select HP THINPRO IMAGE, click NEXT.
  6. Click FINISH. Click YES to CONTINUE.
  7. TERMINAL will RESTART and backup. CLICK OK when done. CLICK CLOSE.
  9. NOTE: This makes the drive bootable version of Unix for T5545 client.

C. Configure USB Drive with Updates

  1. Download WES Add-On (Configure BIOS Settings) (International) sp49355.exe.
  2. Extract files to: Windows system: C:\SWSetup\SP49355\LFlash\
  3. Copy LFlash directory to USB drive.
  4. Download Thin Client Add-On – VMware Horizon View Client (International) sp52674.exe.
  5. Extract files to: C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP ThinPro\Add-On\View46\VMVIW3\
  6. Copy VMVIW3 to USB drive.


  1. Place USB into drive restart system.
  2. When prompted to run YES, and confirm YES.
  3. Wait for the flashing yellow prompt to power cycle.
  4. Remove drive after restart.
  5. NOTE: Some terminals had required the HP’s DOS version of their OS to load the BIOS update.


  1. After restart logon to Admin Tools.
  2. Logon to TERMINAL.
  3. Plug drive into usb port on front.
  4. List drives: fdisk –l
  5. Mount USB Drive, example: mount /dev/sda1/
  6. CLI will return path in error message “mount: /dev/sdb1 already mounted or navigate to the /tmp/ path for usb drive (i.e. /tmp/tmpfs/media/K*)
  7. Change directory until you locate (i.e. cd VMVIW3)
  8. List directory contents: ls
  9. Run: fsunlock
  10. Run: dpkg -i *.deb
  11. Run: flock
  12. Restart System

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Bahia Honda State Park @ Big Pine Key, Florida

Heading south on A1A to Bahia Honda State Park @ Big Pine Key, Florida, I had remembered the cadence of my wheels clearing portions of the bridge above the Atlantic. Looking left, I had caught a passing glimpse of the now decommissioned Old Bahia Honda Bridge feeding into the park. One sensation I had recalled most, the summer air blowing against my arm driving toward this destination.

Clearing the bridge, my vehicle had come upon the park entrance on the left side of A1A. After the gate, the asphalt road was bordered by thick greenery. Moving forward, the road had curved few times in different directions. After one curve, it had gave way to views of the shallow waters beyond the guardrail. Perhaps this reveal  was part of the charm of Bahia Honda? All that greenery was followed by the contrasting blue waters and white sands, typical of a postcard of the Florida Keys.


Arriving at the parking lot, the walk to the ocean was around 100ft through picnic tables into the turbulent waters this May Saturday afternoon. To my chagrin, the waters were remarkably cool for this far south. After taking refreshing quick dip in the ocean, I had hopped back into my car to dry out in the heat. Leaving this park, I had wished only for less foot traffic and more time in the sun. The park had offered flats for fishing, ample beach for swimming and more. Reminiscing about this diversion, I had thought I would very much like to return for another round of exploration.

Bahia Honda State Park is located at:
36850 Overseas Highway, Big Pine Key, Florida 33043
Phone: (305) 872-2353


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Bahia Honda State Park (floridastateparks.org)

Bahia Honda State Park  (bahiahondapark.com)