Review: Been Verified

So, there are very few apps, I had selected to keep on my mobile device, year after year; however, one of those was Been Verified. Here are few reasons why!

1. Criminal Background Check – Pretty easy and quick way to reference a suitor, possible employee or just any stranger that you had wanted to be sure doesn’t have rap sheet. Interestingly enough, this pulled up even minute detail on myself, like a when I had run a stop sign in college.

2. Addresses – Ever forget those hard to remember college addresses where you lived? This is perfect for helping reconciling when filling out rental applications.

3. Acquaintances – Wonder where an old college roommate  was nowadays? This was perfect for myself in getting enough detail to catch an old friend on Facebook.

4. Price; One credit, free a month.

So for those you that hadn’t tried this app (aka service), give it a spin. You never know who might knock on your door next!



More Information:

Been Verified, Google Play (Android)

Been Verified, iTunes (Apple)

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