Why WordPress for iPhones won’t upload videos?

Recently, I was confounded on why WordPress for my iPhone had stopped uploading videos to my blog. Having an iPhone 5s for about a year now, the best selling point for the device was leveraging iMovie and the onboard GPU to quickly edit and upload raw video from various road trips. In the beginning, I had casually shrugged off the experience as being something to do with full onboard storage. Amongst this all, I had shifted a bit of video editing to my MacBook and another Mac from work for larger files from a GoPro camera.

After taking spare time during a workday, I had started my journey with an update to iOS 8.0. Perhaps, that was going to help? Plus, I had wanted to gain access to new imaging capabilities in this upgrade. After a failed installation launching most of the onboard media to non-existence, I had tested again with the same result. No harm, no foul, my files were backed up to my MacBook. Soon after the release of iOS 8.0.2, I had performed an upgrade with the same inability to access iPhone videos. Third, removing a work related Mobile Device Management package had netted the same result. Lastily, I had noticed a new update for WordPress for iOS being available, 4.3.1 to be exact. Still no dice, I was unable to upload any videos from Photo app. As for pictures, I was only able to upload four at time. This other peculiar behavior had led me instinctively to Google.

In returned search results, I had found similar reports of the same “bug” handling media in WordPress for iOS; however, still I had no answers. Searching further now, I had ended up on Github.com. In their forums, I had struck information gold. The developers for WordPress-IOS-Editor had explained a few things.

#1. astralbodies commented Jun 17, 2014

“In the last major version of the app, we added a new media picker to the editor (for uploading images), but we disabled video uploads because they weren’t working very well.”

#2   bummytime commented Sep 30, 2014

“As of right now, the new, visual editor is our highest priority. We are anticipating releasing that in the next month or so. As soon as that is released and stable, we are going to attack all things media…including videos! ”


Having answers, I had felt somewhat relieved; however, the best part was connecting on GitHub. Now, I was able to get meaningful development updates on an application that makes this blog happen.

“And that had made all the difference” – Robert Frost

Read More:
Re-enable support for uploading videos #14 (github.com)



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