Suunto DM4 Vyper Air dive computer @ Blue Heron Bridge

I had recently acquired a new addition to my growing arsenal of scuba equipment in the Suunto DM4 Vyper Air dive computer with wireless transmitter. The purpose was getting more accurate data regarding air pressure and depth during dives. Reviewing a manifest of my friend’s Advanced Open Water class purchases, the Sunnto DM4 Vyper had caught my attention. Before explaining the virtues of this technical device, I had thought a good point in providing some background. The value of this device was consolidating functionality from a rented BCD’s (buoyancy control device) analog gauges to digital readouts and then some. With dives at Manatee Springs State Park, Florida, I had noticed sinking a bit further in maximum depth than my friend. To that end, I had experienced some challenges seeing my gauges under an overcast sky in the Catfish sink. Manatee Springs was a fairly controlled location; however, I was thinking forward of more complex arenas like the open ocean with current. After seeing the device in action with my dive buddy and a follow-up discussion with Paul Shepherd at Seminole Scuba, I had committed to this acquisition.

The first trial run for the Suunto DM4 Vyper was heading out to Blue Heron Bridge. On attaching the wireless transmitter, the guidance I had received, “Don’t twist overly tight to the regulator.” With respect to the computer itself, it was large enough in accommodating my wet suit with ease. As far as general use, I had still required maybe another trip in working with the device in the water. For those calculating RAT, it was perfect inventory of your dive data. Most of the stuff for your dive book was readily available on the digital read out (i.e. maximum depth, surface interval, water temp, dive time, compass, air pressure).


The day after getting home from Blue Heron Bridge dive, I had synced the Vyper Air with desktop Suunto software.The below outputted screen captures were from the three mini dives at Blue Heron Bridge. What had really peaked my interest, air consumption and depth. I was a bit obsessive with air management after bleeding through my tanks in Open Water scuba class. Or maybe it was just the notion of milking the maximum experience per cylinder. Regardless, it was extremely revealing to look at the depth, time, and air utilization with the surface intervals for snorkeling. Hopefully, I had provided some insight should you be in the market for a dive computer. Safe travels!

Dive 1



Dive 2



Dive 3




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