To Protect And Infect Part 2: Jacob Appelbaum covering NSA, iPhone and other high tech gadgetry!

Regardless of your political ideology, technical background or country of origin, I had urged watching this one hour regarding NSA technology. I had watched this reviewing possible issues regarding Apple iPhone’s and the NSA with privacy. This was originally published at the close of  last year. The run-time for this youtube video was about an hour long. I had found this profound in respect to gadgetry, security, and politics. The presenter had provided illuminating examples along the way with humor. I had cautioned you against some unexpected expletives in advance. I had believed this as being one of the most thought provoking presentations of my lifetime. I had re-posted this with no additional comment. Just watch it!

Read More:

Jacob Appelbaum (Wikipedia)

Apple, Jacob Appelbaum and the National Security Agency (Fortune)

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