Cheat Day with double dipping hot dogs and Oreos!

With 2014 had come echoes of New Year Resolutions for eating right and exercising for some folks. What I had wanted to share the importance of having that day for a meal of whatever you desire once a week.

In that spirit today, I had started with scarfing down a friend’s Oreos before swimming. Returning home, I had fell sleep waking with an unmanageable hunger. With my eyes passing on protein shake mix and bananas, I had wondered onto the frig discovering a rogue package of  bacon flavored Oscar Meyer wieners! Firing up the skillet, I had thought two links should work. After consuming those, I had fired up two more hot dogs gobbling them immediately. Maybe it was the cheese, ketchup, or even the salty stuffing in the casing. Regardless, I had consumed four weiners and 10 Oreos. Had I felt guilty, nope, only the raw power of passing satisfaction!

Staying focused on your food selection while dieting was important but, flogging yourself mentally will likely bring non-compliance. Be real, be consistent, have a cheat meal once a week, Bon Appetit!

Dieting? Try Cholula Hot Sauce with Chunk Light Tuna and/or Peanut Butter (GarzaFX)


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