Halloween: a Garza Tale, the General

No one knows where the name the “General” had started, though his mother, simply calls him Marco. After vanquishing the Flounder Kaiju monsters for the 4th time yesterday in the waters off Honeymoon Beach Island, Florida, the “General,” had returned to fight another more destructive beast. This time he had engaged in a prolonged battle against the vicious Turtle Kaiju of Wekiva Springs, Florida from the Nature Center. Though victorious, he had been injured in battle and relegated to a walking cane.

Today, he has returned to take the fight to the Pumpkin Pie Kaiju. This army of one, had vowed to fight these ongoing threats. The question had still remained, who will protect us from him?

Join him in Lake Mary, Florida for his afternoon showdown with the menacing Pumpkin Pie Kaiju!

“Today, we are canceling the Pumpkin apocalypse!” – General Garza

Facing the Pumpkin Pie Kaiju, the General was victorious and ready for a rematch to protect his honor!


Read More:

Pacific Rim (IMDB)
Honeymoon Beach Island, Florida (GarzaFX)
Wekiva Springs, Florida (GarzaFX)



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