Top 5 Most Viewed Nature Blogs @

Over the past year, I had published over 200 entries talking about food to film to fancy; however, nature related posts had made up a good chunk of reoccurring traffic from the Internet. These specific locations I had enjoyed showcasing either because of their remoteness or calming affect upon my person. Here were the Top 5 Most Viewed Nature Blogs @

  1. Cape Canaveral Seashore National Park – New Smyrna Beach, Florida20131001-194755.jpg
  2. Wildcat Lake Park @ Ocala National Forest, Florida20131115-222214.jpg
  3. Pope Still Hunt Camp, Apalachicola National Forest @ Crawfordville, Florida20131103-170549.jpg
  4. Salt Springs Recreation Area in the Ocala National Forest @ Salt Springs, FloridaSalt Springs Recreation Area in the Ocala National Forest @ Salt Springs, Florida @
  5. Hawk Mountain, Georgia on the Appalachian Trail @ Chattahoochee National Forest20140101-195156.jpg

New sponsor, Seminole Scuba

2014 brings GarzaFX a new sponsor in Seminole Scuba.

Get to know Paul Shepherd and his competent team at Seminole Scuba in Lake Mary, Florida, whether getting certified or making a once in the lifetime trip like AFRICA 2014.

Seminole Scuba’s next major adventure, Africa 2014, is a magical trip to trek with Gorillas in Rwanda, Safari in Kenya, and then to Zanzibar, Tanzania for 7 nights of diving and culture. As a guide, Paul Shepherd brings his 10 years of living in Africa plus, an ability to fluently speak Swahili to enrich this experience.

Travel Summary:

Gorillas, Wilderness, & Diving Approximate dates: Nov 11 – Nov 29, 2014*
Wilderness, & Diving Approximate dates: Nov 15 – Nov 29, 2014

*The Gorilla viewing is optional

More Information:
Seminole Scuba

Address: 3869 Lake Emma Road, Lake Mary, Florida, 32746
Phone: 407-333-8856
Fax: 407-333-8134


Returning from Off The Grid

Sometimes life and adventure require your full attention! In an effort to slow down moments in time, that’s exactly what I choose to do, unplug. Updates forthcoming:

1. 5 day road trip to Georgia, including: a taste of the Appalachian Trail.

2. Review: The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

3. Perfect 42, how does your birthday make you feel?

4. Review: Day of the Doctor


Refreshed UPCOMING page @ GarzaFX

Under the forthcoming tab, here is slate of new posts down the line:

  1. dying @ your desk
  2. Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park @ White Springs, Florida
  3. Prepping for the apocalypse with fish food?
  4. Big Shoals State Park @ White Springs, Florida
  5. Juniper Creek Canoe Run in the Ocala National Forest @ Marion, Florida
  6. Top 10 films
  7. Wes Skiles Peacock Springs @ Live Oak, Florida

Here is a sample of some of those accompanying images:









Repost: Magnesium x2

So the past month, I had my share of life’s ups and downs physically. Part of approaching age 42, was maintaining my varied body parts. This week had opened with a co-worker limping around valiantly from a bump knee. Recovering from my own “gimpy” adventures (i.e. knees, ankles, etc..) recently, I had suggested Epsom Salt aka Magnesium Sulfate.  The other ordeal was a reoccurrence of an ulcer. Thankfully, I had avoided any stomach ailments since my gallbladder surgery about 2 years ago; however, unsure of the source of the issue, I had fired up some iron pills to alleviate a bout of anemia and addressing certain color (black) and smell of the #2.


The hat trick was the standby, 250 Mg Magnesium pill. After stirring up the acid in my stomach during the week, this had calmed my stomach avoiding purchase of over the counter pills or drinks. After taking one pill, the indigestion and bloating had subsided where I can now sit up, post, and read my scuba manual.

With those two experiences, I had thought it important to repost two different shout outs to my favorite element, magnesium! Be well my fellow humans, be well!

Read More:

1) The 12th Element, Magnesium  (GarzaFX) – This post talks of general and unexpected uses for Magnesium, can’t overemphasize the value there.

2) Healing Water: Part 1 (GarzaFX) – A piece regarding testing Epsom Salts, just remember the more you hurt, the longer to soak (i.e. 30 minutes or more)

As always, consult with a medical professional when making changes to your diet or any possible interactions with other medications!


Upgrades and Updates @

Added more video and pictures to two of the more popular posts @, plus video from my next post on Falling Waters State Park @ Chipley, Florida. Just a reminder, all original content images I had posted at 3264 x 2448, so don’t forget to click for the higher res version if you like 😛

1. Manatees and Tarpon of Crystal River, Florida

(Updated Tarpoon Feeding video edit, music by Jerry Goldsmith, “Ila’s Theme”)

2. Halloween: A Garza Tale, The General

(Pumpkin Eating Contest, video edit, music by Duran Duran, “Sinner or Saint”)

3. Falling Waters State Park @ Chipley, Florida

(Final edit, music by Steve Howe,”Valley of the Rocks”)

Just got done upgrading my good ole’ Macbook with latest copy of iMovie, GarageBand and Mac OS X, Mavericks; however, popping up to iOS 7.0.3, my iPhone 5s has been a formidable force kicking out content the past two weeks. My Google+ account is now auto-publishing all new content to the general public!


Coming soon: Florida Caverns State Park, White Springs, more!

Gotta a lot of material coming up for two of the most unique places in Florida:

1) White “Sulfur” Springs (North Florida)

2) Florida Caverns State Park (West Florida)

My iPhone is loaded with a bunch of goodies, but here is a whiff:









OMG, Facial hair!

Over the past few months, I had chosen to skip on shaving. I had few different reasons to begin with and picked up some along the way. So I had wanted to share a few visceral reactions from good friends and family for starters.

1. “Shave that off now!”

2. “You look like a terrorist.”

3. “You look dirty.”

4. “Trying to look younger?”

Recalling those laughs, I had wondered, “What do people think that don’t know me?” Then I had remembered a couple of memories in high school, after 911 and recent travels.

In high school, I had a good friend from the neighborhood with shoulder length hair. The guy was musically gifted and decently smart; however, by his selection of denim wear and longer locks, he had received a bit of social shunning. For almost a year, I had emulated him letting the follicles flow. Unsurprisely, it had gone over like a thud with military folks but, my girlfriend didn’t mind. Oddly enough, my mother had also enjoyed this expression of extra “curls.” Living close to Mayport Naval Station, I had rationalized the negative response in the context of being a Navy brat. The hair had proved my point about appearance and perception. Right before graduation, I had gone for a refreshing buzz-cut. This illuminating experience had contrasted greatly with the next.

After 911, I had travelled to FSU’s Doak Campbell Stadium for a college football game. I had followed two other friends in the gates. At a security checkpoint, my friends had whisked by an officer. Reaching the threshold of his checkpoint, he had stopped me immediately for pat and scan. On one hand, I had understood the act. On the other, a smart “terrorist” could have selected a bomb mule, by cohersion or subversion, of people without my darker physical attributes (i.e. skin, hair, etc). Returning back to central Florida, I had received a similar visual review but, logical considering recent events.

The third experience had come recently from a visit to DeLeon Springs State park. Coming out of the water, I had started up the concrete sidewalk. Putting on my sunglasses, I had noticed a few people in my peripheral vision looking at me with disgust. I hadn’t really said or done a whole lot there. Somewhere between the shades and facial hair, it had invoked a negative response. This time it had bothered my psyche. Don’t these folks know I had loved these public lands, let alone the United States. Whatever the reason, I had felt slighted by their collective gaze. I had thought of the quote,”the eyes are the window to the soul.” If playing a joke based off appearance, it had landed squarely on my shoulders. So, I had left somewhere between angst and empathy. The facial hair had served a purpose beyond some of the original intent.

Here were some of the reasons for it:

A. Cuts down on time and money.
B. Grow longest lengthwise lifetime.
C. Halloween
D. Get an emotional rise out of people who don’t know me.
E. Friend made a suggestion for team bearding.
F. See how much gray hair in facial hair.
G. Symbolic of another physical goal, I’ll share in another post.
H. Symbolic of another personal goal, that I won’t share in a post.

For today, the facial growth had meant a symbol of my individuality, much like a snake skin jacket from the movie Wild At Heart. Wild Heart just had happened to be one of my favorite movies of all time!

Read more:

Scientists discover that eyes really are ‘the window to the soul’ (Mail Online)


Halloween: a Garza Tale, the General

No one knows where the name the “General” had started, though his mother, simply calls him Marco. After vanquishing the Flounder Kaiju monsters for the 4th time yesterday in the waters off Honeymoon Beach Island, Florida, the “General,” had returned to fight another more destructive beast. This time he had engaged in a prolonged battle against the vicious Turtle Kaiju of Wekiva Springs, Florida from the Nature Center. Though victorious, he had been injured in battle and relegated to a walking cane.

Today, he has returned to take the fight to the Pumpkin Pie Kaiju. This army of one, had vowed to fight these ongoing threats. The question had still remained, who will protect us from him?

Join him in Lake Mary, Florida for his afternoon showdown with the menacing Pumpkin Pie Kaiju!

“Today, we are canceling the Pumpkin apocalypse!” – General Garza

Facing the Pumpkin Pie Kaiju, the General was victorious and ready for a rematch to protect his honor!


Read More:

Pacific Rim (IMDB)
Honeymoon Beach Island, Florida (GarzaFX)
Wekiva Springs, Florida (GarzaFX)



On the road again, across Florida



Hitting the road yesterday from Orlando, Florida, I had ventured across a sea of different towns. Each had offered a different experience ranging from under a hunter’s moon to underground. Looking forward to wrapping up trip, I had wanted to provide a quick update before arriving at next destination. Here was a partial list of the points on the map:

Tarpon Springs

Media Upgrades @ GarzaFX

Just wanted to let folks know, upgrading media online with forthcoming technology from new iPhone 5s and changes to WordPress settings. Some of that had already produced the posting for:

1. Larger Images by default, supporting 1632 by 1224 pixels.  Uploading the native image for click through reference @ 3264 x 2448 pixels.




2. Supporting higher quality video playback in support of 1080 HD



3.  Periodic panorama shots with click through at native file size.



All media from Friday’s forthcoming blog about Wekiva Springs State Park – Apopka, Florida.

Thanks for your review.

More changes @ gFX

1. Added hidden menu tiles for each subject catergory (i.e. Music, Film, Travel, etc…) at top of site. Reviewed filed posts into more obvious groupings, removing as necessary.


2. Updated blog on Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament – Kissimmee, FL with the following compiled footage, music from Prokofiev’s Battle on the Ice, editing courtesy iMovie.

3. Increasing size of images up one level for newer posts.

4. Taking a minute to push last Sunday’s posting, OPINION: Vladmir Putin, Predator. This had been before the past week’s foreign policy events.