Busch Gardens under a Hunter’s Moon @ Tampa, Florida

Ending a day of hopping around central Florida state parks, I had embarked on experiencing Busch Garden’s annual Howl-O-Scream. To be honest, the allure of a Halloween themed evening wasn’t my angle; however, hitting the roller coasters had offered an opportunity of a familiar thrill and maybe, adding new ones. Another aspect of the visit, a Hunter’s Moon had illuminated enough of the evening sky heightening the anticipation. Moving into the park, the air had become humid and heated in the proximity of other visitors. Every so often, I had walked into foul odors, either from holiday effects or patrons.

Upon arriving at the first ride, Cheetah Hunt, the wait time had increased to about an hour. I had winded a way forward until scoring a seat. The ride had started methodically pulling the occupants to the release point. With the night sky as a backdrop, the moon had appeared even more enormous than on the ground. Filling my entire vision, the ascent had provided a unique view of the darkened premises. The clicking of the front of the ride had stopped giving way to rattling of the descent and screaming from passengers. Winding down, up and around, the ride had soon accelerated placing a genuine smile across my head. Thrusting into darkness, the acceleration of Cheetah Hunt had added that extra element of surprise. On exiting this ride, I had taken a moment reviewing video stills of recent passengers. Appearing in a video preview, it had captured my face with a matching satisfaction.

After Cheetah, I had jumped on two other rides; Montu and Kumba. Both had provided equally exhilarating moments but, failing to outperform Cheetah Hunt. With SheiKra being closed, I had held out hope for another specific ride, Gwazi. From a distance, this ride had seemed under maintenance. On my previous two visits to Busch Gardens, Gwazi had closed for service. After circling around to the front, a park worker had waived us over to get in line. The appeal of the coaster you might wonder, it had offered a composition of wooden carts and super structure. From watching the Discovery Channel, this composition had provided riders a sensation of instability. After a short wait, I had sat toward the end of the carts. The restraints, though safe, had felt inadequate. In the previous coasters, I had securely flipped my wallet in my pocket under the restraint bars. This time, I had clasped onto my wallet with a death grip. With the carts moving forward, the resonating vibrations had generated an unnerving feeling across my hands. With the carts swaying unevenly on the tracks, I had sensed the wallet coming out of my pocket. I had pressed down on the wallet’s edges wondering,”How much longer before the ride ends?” My desire had quickly become a reality. The ride had finished with an equally gratifying end yet, different from Cheetah.

Overall, this adventure had definitely provided great new memories. If you had wanted a different spin on coasters, suggest trying wooden ones or riding at night. That my fellow humans had made all the difference!

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