Review: National Geographics’s America’s Wild Spaces: Appalachian Trail (2009)

Rating: Worth 57 minutes for any nature buff (Available on Netflix)

Summary: National Geographic’s Wild Spaces: Appalachian Trail had provided different perspectives of the 2,000 mile trail in the United States. The documentary had opened with a network administrator moving through first leg of the A.T.  The film had underscored the challenges at the onset for many travelers. Many hikers had packed too much food or gear (i.e. bear spray, books, etc.) , weighing down their daily 12 hour haul. Another revelation, many hikers that had attempted a hike through of the trail, gave up after four days. Then the focus had shifted describing  ecological pollution on bird and fish wildlife with Acid Rain. The documentary had continued with history of the Appalachian Trail, the organic experience of 4-6 month pilgrimage and climaxing with the end of the A.T. in Maine.


If lacking a Netflix subscription, I had found individual excerpts of this inspiring look  off the Nat Geo website. This had definitely peaked my sense of adventure away from technology, hoping it can do the same for you!

1.  The Not So Lonesome Trail

2.  Acid Rain: Invisible Menace

3.  This Trail’s for the Bird

4. An American Pilgrimage

5. The Final Summit

More information:

National Geographics’s America’s Wild Spaces: Appalachian Trail

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