Tandem Hang-Gliding Flight, Groveland, FL at Quest Air Soaring Center

Looking out the porthole of plane windows throughout my life, I had daydreamed of a better view of the waters and land below. This year, I had finally realized that experience with Tandem Hang-Gliding Flight in Groveland, FL at Quest Air. The air field had been an hour’s drive from Orlando, FL on highway 50 west, just past Clermont. The flights had lasted approximately 20 minutes. Rather than towing behind a plane throughout, the glider had been decoupled at 3000 feet. The yellow Dragonfly had multiple break points in case of emergency on ascent. At Air Florida Helicopter Charters, “Plan B” had been death. Pulling the glider into the air, the Dragonfly had towed us just above “idle out” speed.


On the glider itself, the pilot had a parachute in case of some sort of unforeseen event. Despite the spotty weather, rain and wind, the ride had been extremely fluid. The only fear that had crossed my mind, wind shear and inability to steer smoothly. The Quest Air pilot, Spencer, had been very giving. If I had wanted off, the landing would commence immediately. The entire staff had been extremely patient, waiting for breaks in the weather. Without question, this had been one of the best adventures for 2013. Even if without the $105 Groupon discount, at full price, this would had been a great value.

1. The Dragonfly plane



2. The Gilder


For more information:
Mark Fruitger, Manager and Pilot
Quest Air, 6548 Airport Road, Groveland, FL 34736
Phone: 352-429-0213
Email: info@questionairhanggliding.com

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