7 thoughts on “MSIS0006: A Service Principal Name is not registered for the AD FS service account on Windows 2012 R2

  1. I don’t understand a thing, where I can set the service account? In my case i don’t have any account in SPN because I used the domain administrator account for the adfs.


  2. I uninstalled the adfs role, and reinstalled it. After the wizard it says that I have to manually setup the spn account.
    If I run the command setspn (with the new account – domain\adfs in my case), it says that there is a duplicated SPN. Why?


  3. i try to create the spn i am getting duplicate SPN found aborting operation. this server was upgraded to 2012 from 2008 i had to recreate ADFS the old server is still up because i kept a copy before upgrade.

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