OMG! shaving facial hair

A few months had gone by since shaving my face completely. Sure I had trimmed here, shaved there, but, not completely. In my last blog regarding this topic, OMG! Facial Hair!, I had spoken to most of the differing reasons for letting go of the act of shaving facial hair. Part of me really had really enjoyed being so unkempt. Along the way, there was a lot of temptation for shaving out of conformity at the behest of my brother or mother; however, two reasons had remained for keeping it unruly. Of those two goals, one public and one private, I had left unmentioned in the last post.

So today, I had wanted to round back in explaining my public goal. The purpose was reducing my weight slowly to see my abs. For myself, this goal was stewing for about a good year or so. To that end, I had succeeded, almost a month late but, still through all the colds, anemia, and indigestion, done. My point here for you, especially those in my age group of 40 something, keep striving toward improving your health whether for the new year or not. The overall objective was not to be unhappy eating a strict food regime but, enjoying edible delights in moderation while attaining a certain look vs. weight.

From a quantifiable point of view, I had moved down about 20 lbs depending on the day a year ago to 155 lbs. The important aspect of this goal wasn’t the scale but, self image. For the first time in probably 5 years, I was generally pleased with my physique. Now part of me obviously had wanted to push further to get more cut. Though, for a few reasons I had opted instead to make some adjustments going into the future. Here were some of those points;

  1. Dropping another 10 lbs. on my frame would definitely reveal the rest of my midsection. The cost was flirting with an overly gaunt appearance. So for now, I had thought to pass on this objective.
  2. My doctor had recently diagnosed my protruding belly button as an umbilical hernia. By the time I had addressed that through surgery, might be worth having those 10 lbs. to spare.
  3. Going forward, I had wanted to focus more on muscle mass vs. cardiovascular conditioning.

Those points aside, I had made a few discoveries during this process.  First, I had reduced consumption of sports drinks and caffeine. On one hand, both had offered caloric or energy enhancement.  On the other, without them, they had provided a fall sense of cardiovascular health and endurance. Another recent epiphany was front loading carbs in the first half of my day or right before hitting gym. This had helped food cravings for pizza, rice or anything counterproductive. The last revelation was keeping exercise routines or activities challenging yet, fun.

As for that other goal, the private one, we’ll I had thought, “A man’s grasp should exceed his reach but, some aspirations require free will!” For now, that goal I had placed on the back burner being a deliberate man. For those just starting up with getting fit in 2014, be varied, keep at it, I was a work in progress last year and will continue to be in the future. With respect to shaving again, I had already loathed the exercise today! Yeah, think I had wanted to continue avoiding that chore as much as possible.



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