I’m sorry Jimbo Fisher

So, FSU last night had won their first national championship game post Bobby Bowden. The relevance of this blog was a mea culpa for sure. If you had missed my water cooler banter about FSU’s current coach being a vote of no confidence. Watching from afar in the ACC, the SEC, I had preferred Guz Malzahn for years. In the 2010 season, I had fantasized about Jimbo getting the “boot” and being replaced by Gus with firejimbo.com online campaign.

This morning, I had woke to see highlights of Jimbo switching FSU’s offense to a no huddle. This coaching adjustment clearly had made FSU’s title game comeback a reality. Sure there we’re plenty of offseason and season adjustments along the way; however, in this game, he had executed at the right moment at the right time. A true tenant of great coaching were these “moments.” To boot, pun intended, he had done it with class and the backdrop of his son, Ethan’s health issues.

Being a reluctant fan post Bobby’s forced retirement, I had finally come abroad in supporting him. Some might had said kinda late but, I had thought “You gotta beat the best in Gus Malzahn, to be considered the best!” To that end, Jimbo Fisher had arrived. For me, I had wanted to say “I’m sorry for not being the a biggest fan. I’m a believer now.” Today, I had truly felt comfortable with you replacing old man Bowden. Best of luck in 2014, I had hoped the very best for FSU, more importantly though, to the health of your son Ethan.

Go ‘Noles #1

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