Upgrades and Updates @ GarzaFX.com

Added more video and pictures to two of the more popular posts @ GarzaFX.com, plus video from my next post on Falling Waters State Park @ Chipley, Florida. Just a reminder, all original content images I had posted at 3264 x 2448, so don’t forget to click for the higher res version if you like 😛

1. Manatees and Tarpon of Crystal River, Florida

(Updated Tarpoon Feeding video edit, music by Jerry Goldsmith, “Ila’s Theme”)

2. Halloween: A Garza Tale, The General

(Pumpkin Eating Contest, video edit, music by Duran Duran, “Sinner or Saint”)

3. Falling Waters State Park @ Chipley, Florida

(Final edit, music by Steve Howe,”Valley of the Rocks”)

Just got done upgrading my good ole’ Macbook with latest copy of iMovie, GarageBand and Mac OS X, Mavericks; however, popping up to iOS 7.0.3, my iPhone 5s has been a formidable force kicking out content the past two weeks. My Google+ account is now auto-publishing all new content to the general public!


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