Who wants to live forever?

Today, I had read a couple of different stories regarding quality of life. This had all started with Bill Gates criticizing Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, pushing for internet access to the 3rd world. What value had the internet offered without food, shelter and basic healthcare? What value had the internet encompassed in moments from enjoying music, movies and other art, from YouTube to WordPress? My mind had soon drifted to the quote,”Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” Without enjoying art and love, I had concluded, “What is the value of living?” This question had brought me back to quality of life.

Around the world, I had surmised people express quality of life in different ways. After reading about an Indiana hunter choosing to die, this had become more subjective. I had followed this up with reading about an 86 year old woman dying the day after running a marathon. Both stories had centered around self-determination and autonomy. I had wondered,”How much is enough?” With all the advances in medicine, a survey had polled Americans this question to being life in the 80s.

Maybe, Bill Gates was correct in the point about the internet, or something else. Today, two friends had taken time to share their appreciation of animals. One had pointed outside a window to a kitten. The other had browsed through a few photos of his dog, eliciting a smile. Each had demonstrated an ability to savor a moment, an emotion. What value had a life into your 80s, or forever, without that?

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