Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park @ Wakulla Springs, Florida

Enroute to Apalachicola National Forest, I had wanted to visit Wakulla Springs before camping out. In my college days, I had frequented this state park to escape the summer heat of Tallahassee, Florida. The springs had provided a pristine clear blue waters with a two story diving platform.

With dusk approaching, I had parked my vehicle heading quickly to the water’s edge. Two things had become immediately apparent, the lack of foot traffic and clear waters. In difference to Silver Springs, these premises had allowed for swimming and diving. After entering the springs, I had seen the reason for the lack of people. The water had appeared murky with an abundance of algae and other overgrown vegetation. Acquiescing to the state of springs, I had swam over to the two story diving platform. After taking a couple of jumps into the waters, I had headed to shower off reflecting on the current state of world’s largest and deepest fresh water spring. With the glass bottom boat rides, I had thought ,”What a disappointment for a paying customer.” The one bright spot of the visit, I had seen a deer and her two offspring crossing the road on exiting.

A week later, by chance, I had switched over from my AppleTV to viewing regular cable television. Starting on PBS, I had caught the tail end of Florida Crossroads: Protecting Florida’s Liquid Sunshine (Florida Channel). The show had incidentally profiled Wakula Springs’ challenges. Apparently, one of the up stream lakes feeding the area had become a source of populated runoff from Tallahassee. State government had recently moved to better protect this spring through land and water management; However, Wakula Springs had left me recalling the “good ‘ole days.”
Before heading out to to this park, I had suggested calling first for water clarity.

Address: 465 Wakulla Park Drive
Wakulla Springs, Florida 32327
Phone: (850) 561-7276
Hours: 8 AM -sundown, everyday

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