Review: About Time

Rating: Worth a matinee of $8 bucks.

From director and writer, Richard Curtis, a story about a family of men that had shared a secret of time travel. Curtis’s previous works had included Notting Hill, Love Actually and the Notebook. Playing the family patriarch, Bill Nighy of Underworld fame, had revealed the time traveling talent to his son, Tim. The film had explored the variations on Tim’s romantic encounters culminating in marriage to love interest Mary, actress Rachael McAdams. The story had then progressed into more serious territory regarding addiction, death and a family’s response to both.

With vulnerable charm, the movie had espoused living in the present regardless of the tragedies in life. It had also captured the subtle nuasances that go along with courtships and life long relationships. Bill Nigh’s scenes had provided the film’s emotional center. His scene stealing performances had made the two hour runtime worthwhile. The draw for me, time travel, had taken a back seat to the theme of script. It had communicated the point of savoring life every day.

About Time trailer (YouTube)

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