Weeki Wachee Springs State Park @ Weeki Wachee, Florida

Heading west on highway 50 for about 2 hours, we had arrived at Weeki Wachee State Park. Navigating the online park photos, the large swimming area had increased the appeal of this visit. Another selling point, the Mermaid Theater had intrigued us with a theater performance by water borne actresses.

Walking into the park. we had noticed the current Mermaid performance at capacity. After resigning ourselves to some photo ops, we had walked around the premises, noticing a stray peacock and the swimming area. Upon entering the water, I had seen decommissioned water slides. I had imagined how fun that might have been, if operational. Because of the Mermaid Theater, a floating divider had also shaved off access to large portion of the springs. Once in the water, the average depth had approached five feet. Moving toward the dive platform, the depth had gone down about twenty feet. The dive platform had provided for a good 30-45 minutes of enjoyment, in lieu of other park shortcomings.

The park had provided quite a few offerings for smaller children with different playground equipment and faux petting zoo. They had decorated some of the facility gearing up for Halloween festivities. For a family with young kids, this had seemed ideal for a visit. However, like an old man asking me about the lack of ladies in a shot of the boardwalk, it had lacked certain adult fare.

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