Healing Water: Part 2, Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Earlier this year, I had discussed the merits of soaking in water with Epsom Salts. Continuing on that theme, I had wanted to include Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. In this discussion, it had been extremely important in distinguishing between the typical medicinal version versus “food grade.” The over-the-counter version had been processed with stabilizing ingredients, like the metals tin. A few years ago, I had accidentally swallowed a small sip of the “brown bottle” version, while rinsing my mouth. The end result had been an awful fever and swelling of the feet. The other difference between solutions had been the concentration of H2O2, ranging  from 3% to 35%. The only other mix I had seen with a greater concentration, 90% for rocket fuel. For reference the standard dilution for the drug store version had been 3% by volume. With respect to purchasing, I had tried local health stores but, with varying quality, quantity and cost. In the end, I had settled on purchasing direct from PureHealthDiscounts.com.

With respect to usage, there had been a lot of different testimonials online. There had been options for foot soaking and taking a bath. One of the most popular applications had been oral consumption. This had been done by diluting food grade hydrogen peroxide with distilled water. Though trying this personally, l had felt uncomfortable endorsing this to the general public. If you had wanted  to increase your body’s natural supply of hydrogen peroxide, stick to normal vitamin C or refer to my posting, Supercharged Liposomal Vitamin C.  

Outside of cleaning my toothbrushes and mouth rinsing, I had focused on using food grade hydrogen peroxide for cleaning. Since a kid, I had cleaned surfaces with standard commercial brands, like Clorox and Windex. Today, having two cats, I had recalled a childhood mishap. This mishap had included a parakeet landing into a mop bucket mixed with Pinesol. After that, this parakeet had hung onto his bar with one claw, flying in circles all day long. From that moment on, his new name had been “Crazy Horse.” It had been one thing to poison yourself, another to inadvertently hurt a pet. Despite vendors, like Lysol, attempting to advertise “Hydrogen Peroxide” with their cleaning products, I had felt uneasy about using them around my home.

Before proceeding further, I thought it had been important in stating,”Respect 35% food grade peroxide!” In handling, use gloves and avoid breathing fumes, treat 35% H2O2 like you had any other corrosive chemical. To make a mop, the solution had been a cup of 35% H2O2 to gallon of distilled water. For a water spray bottle, 4 parts distilled water to one part 35% H2O2. The reason for incorporating distilled water had been to control any unexpected chemical reactions from tap water (i.e. fracking water). Though, I had seen no difference in using tap water when making a bucket for mopping. After applying with spray or mop to my tile floor, tile counters, or frig, I had always smelled a unique freshness in the air. The non-toxic smell had come from the breaking down of pure H202, resulting in dispersion of simple oxygen and water. I had also used peroxide to finally remove horrible smells from my dishwasher (a cup) and hand blender (few sprays from water bottle).  If you had gotten any non-diluted or diluted on yourself, just rinse with water. The worse I had experienced with peroxide’s corrosive nature, skin discoloration. After a few minutes, the temporary whiteness had given way to my normal skin hue. With using food grade hydrogen peroxide for cleaning, I had not been forced into renaming pets because of cross contamination with their environment. Hopefully, with further vetting, you had considered food grade H2O2 for this purpose.




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