Review: Breaking Bad Final Season, Episode “Ozymandias”

Rating: Emotional riptide!

Summary: This episode had started with a flashback showing the simpler times between Pinkman and Walter, albiet their first “cookout.” In the present, those naïve moments had been replaced with decisions of life and death. First, John’s uncle had discovered the true identities of Hank and Gomez.  With that inflammatory response, Walter had started furiously negotiating for Hank’s life with his $80 million dollar stash. Switching over to Pinkman, John had suggested taking him back to their hideout for an intergation. Upon making to John’s lab, Pinkman had been secured to chain and a rail system. At the end of this walkway, Jesse had been provided with a picture for ensuring loyalty to John’s operation. At the White residence, Walter and Skylar had another falling out, after Marie Schrader’s visit to the car wash. During this fight, Walter Jr. had realized the reality of his father’s dealings. In the conclusion, Walter had called Skylar explaining his motivations and to be weary of crossing him. Despite wanting to be the drug king pin, Walter’s humanity had still existed up to this point; However, Walter’s destiny had seemed set on finally becoming a hardened criminal with zero remorse.


For folks missing the broadcast or a DVR, you can pick up new episodes on iTunes:

“Ozymandias” (posted 9/15/2013)  Inside Breaking Bad: Episode 606, To’Ozymandias” (posted 9/16/2013)

AMC had scheduled a rebroadcast of “Ozymandias” on Sunday, September 22nd 7:57 PM (Eastern)

Next episode, “Granite State” Sunday, September 22nd, 9 PM (Eastern)

AMC’s Breaking Bad airing schedule:

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