OPINION: Vladmir Putin, Predator

“Big things, have small beginnings!” David8, from the film Prometheus.

Since drafting this post in July 2013, Vladimir Putin’s desire for reliving the Soviet Union’s glory days had never been clearer. Supporting this argument had been his actions and words. Contrasting the NSA’s Snowden debacle, he had continued drawing the hard-line against political opposition like members of Pussy Riot. Shifting to Syria, Putin’s inflammatory rhetoric had fingered John Kerry as a parrot of the Obama administration. With Syria serving as a proxy for Russia, the question regarding Putin’s motivation had been “Why the puffed chest?”

Like a wolf, Putin had been testing America’s fortitude for an escalated engagement worldwide. Putin had enlisted several weapons; political copy, oil trade, and military maneuvers. The former head of the KGB, Putin had been providing a “hockey check” to the US military, political structure and American people. On the public political stage, he had been carving the Obama administration to pieces since the Snowden affair. The only person with a similar expeditious nature had been the amoral Dick Cheney. Putin had never been confused with demonstrating his will.  In response, to get his respect, the US had better learn to be a similar opposing force.

In the end, Putin’s moves had echoed another government, the Chinese. Anytime an opponent had been probing you for weaknesses, the ending result, mostly conflict. Why Putin and others had tested our metal?  The American people had acquiesced to special interest lobbying. This relationship, Putin had understood for quite sometime. That our republic had been in the hands of the disconnected politicians, on the take from China, Opec, Israel and other lobbyists. What had the American people done about it, nothing. There had been a motivation for the chest puffing.

A couple of friends of mine had touted the virtues of being “the world cop”. My response had been recalling chemical weapons during the Iraq/Iran War and the body count of drug cartels across the Mexican border. Like I had stated before, one had better tune in, before getting tuned out. Quoting the infamous Walter White, “Maybe your best course would be to tread lightly!”, before we had gotten into a conflict subverting our quality of life.

The Syrian Civil war still had a use, to reveal the pecking order of the proxy players. Those proxy players had been in no certain order; Russia, China and Iran. Beyond Putin, a lingering point for me had been, “How far should we go to get our answers?”

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Picture courtesy of: www.defencetalk.com

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