Florida’s Highest Elevation Point: Britton Hill – Lakewood, Florida

At 345 feet of elevation, Britton Hill had been somewhat unremarkable in height; However, it had been good testimony to Florida’s greenery and back country. The park had no admission fee, decent bathroom facilities with an open layout. If traveling in South Alabama or West Florida, I had thought the locale ideal for a family picnic. On that note, make sure to have closed shoes. Despite the average elevation, the ants there had been very active. Six of them had wasted no time climbing up my leg from a nearby ant hill. Luckily for me, these had been the milder version of fire ants, of which I am allergic.  Along the way, there had been quite a few mom and pop businesses selling farm raised goodies and more. If on Interstate 10 West, it had taken about 30 minutes to arrive at this destination from Defuniak Springs Park, FL. If within south Alabama, it had been few minutes travel from Florala State Park, AL.








Panorama shots courtesy of renegade399 (click them for larger rendering)



More Information:

Britton Hill, Florida (wikipedia)

Defuniak Springs, Florida Official Website

Florala State Park, Alabama


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