Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament – Kissimmee, FL

In the thirteen years of being in the greater Orlando area, I had yet to visit this entertainment event. I had little interest in until hearing about a great discount. With a friend receiving coupon for 50% off (i.e. buy one, get the second ticket free.), I had figured worth the meal alone. The Medieval Times website had other another Labor Day special but, not as good as this proposition. With e-ticket ready to go, I had headed off to an evening to explore this blend of theater, live action and dinner.


Upon checking in at the facility, each guest had had been segregated into different factions, representating their House (i.e. Yellow, Green, Red, etc..). Each house had their respective champion, like mine, the Yellow Knight. Post the introductions for each group and some back story, each champion had competed in various games of skill. Then these Knights had challenged each other for the right to  fight  the “bad guy.” The highlight of the action had been the splintering joust sticks on the opposing Knight’s shield. The best summary for the experience from a guy’s point of view, had been akin to the joy of watching professional wrestling.

With respect to the accompanying meal, it had been a lot better than my expectations. For the evening, everyone had received the following:

  1. Tomato bisque
  2. A piece of bread
  3. Half an oven roasted chicken
  4. A BBQ rib
  5. Half a potatoe
  6. Apple turnover

Just a heads up, the food had been served by design without utensils. The only thing I hadn’t finished, the weird tasting potatoe. Alcohol and any gratuity had been extra. There had been a lot of fathers and sons soaking up this family affair. If you had a little girl or boy, this had seemed like a perfect distraction to Friday or Saturday night.
















Address: 4510 W Vine St, Kissimmee, FL 34746

Phone: (888) 935-6878

Ticket: Prices vary, check their site for specials!

More information:

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