Changes @ gFX

With the summer about to wrap up, I had spent a few minutes test driving Adobe Creative Suite with Photoshop. The simple pleasures of creative musings never had seemed to stop to make me smile. The trial run for CS version of Photoshop had 30 days to go, but at $20 bucks a month, small fry stuff for a quality image editing tool. On top of the new banner, I had made a few other changes to this corner of electronic space.

a.  On the right, the recent postings’ links had now increased to 10 days with a time stamp.

b. Nature to Blog images had linked back to the original stories.

c. I had posted quick flashback to springs from this summer at Ocala National Forest. The video’s music had been from Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy Reconfigured.

d. Second mention on three of my favorite blogs I had put on Al Gore’s Internet!

1. OPINION: Mice, the Brain and the NSA


2. Scrub Brush Bird Trail, Titusville FL


3. Who is Nile Rodgers? Why you already know him!


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