Review: Breaking Bad Final Season, Episode “Confessions”

Rating:  Watch it now!

Summary:  Sal had sprung Jessie Pinkman from the Albuquerque Police Department; However, not before Hank Schrader had made a few minutes to angle Pinkman to roll on Walt.  After Jessie’s release, Walt had scheduled a desert rendezvous with Pinkman to discuss a fatherly “vacation.”  After dealing with Pinkman, Walter had revealed to Walt Jr. his cancer  but, only as means of manipulation.  Next at the White residence, Walt had reached a supposed moment of contrition by recording  a confession. Pivoting to a scene in Mexican restaurant, Hank and Walt had a face off about “how to be a man”. After a heated exchange between the two couples, Walt and Skylar had left the recorded confession on the table.  The reveal of the confession to Hank had been worth every minute of this episode, absolutely phenomenal.  The episode shifting gears to Pinkman leaving town, he made a realization turning his recent apathy into rage. The entire episode had been about confessions of sorts, but more about revelations. Hank Schrader had wanted to go to DEA but, do so would be at a significant price. Pinkman had been left in place, where conflict with Walter, seemingly inevitable.


For folks missing the broadcast or a DVR, you can pick up new episodes on iTunes:

“Confessions” (posted 8/25/2013)
Inside Breaking Bad: Episode 603, “Confessions” (posted 8/26/2013)

AMC had scheduled a rebroadcast of “Confessions” on Sunday, September 1st 7:57 PM (Eastern)

Next episode, “Rabid Dog” Sunday, September 1st, 9 PM (Eastern)

AMC’s Breaking Bad airing schedule:

AMC’s website for more information: Breaking Bad

If you haven’t seen the rest of the series, checkout 1-5 on Netflix.

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