Sakari Sushi – Winter Park, FL

The reason for the shout out, I can’t think of any other restaurant that had been consistent over any length of time (1 year  or more) in the Central Florida area. Sakari Sushi, formerly Seito’s, had continued the quality food and service over the past decade. Despite the name change, I have been able to select the same options from Spicy Tuna Roll, California Roll A, and to Sex In the City Roll. As always, the staff had consistently been attentive and polite. The facility had been cool, clean and fresh smelling (i.e. lacking any flies).  There had been the option to sit outside, but I have sat inside with the AC, sans flies. On a Sunday afternoon, they now have hung televisions for sporting events (i.e. NBA, NFL, college football). If you had been looking for consistent location for sushi, check them out in Winter Park Village off 1792 and Lee Road.









More Information: Sakari Sushi

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