Another Petty’s Night: Part 3

Closing out a $70 visit to local meat and fish speciality store were a final round of selections.

1. Mango Jam with spiced Scott Bonnet pepper’s (Mild).

A friend had been sampling this new product with me during the day. The jam below was lightly sweetened with soft arc of heat.


I had almost finished it off before heading home.


2. Grouper.

This had been prepped similar to other proteins with sea salt, garlic powder, and a brushing of olive oil. This 8 ounce portion was fried skin side down for 7 minutes on medium-high heat. The skinless side had cooked 3 minutes (10 minutes total).


Spreading the Mango Jam on the flakes of grouper was a great flavor combination.


3.  Italian Rum Cake

The colorful hues and texture of this desert had been underwhelmed by flavor. The liquor had lacked a certain pungent sharp aftertaste characterizing most rum cakes.


In closing, hope I have helped you consider the following while at home or at a restaurant:

a. Cost

b. Prep time

c. Portion size

d. Taste

Regardless of any zombie babies or where you have dinner, eat and be merry!

Another Petty’s Night: Part 2

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