OPINION: Mice, the Brain and the NSA

There has been lot of conversation over the NSA and Orwellian USA ala 1984. More interesting has been the journey from the Patriot Act to recent NSA Prism disclosures. For any level of personal liberty and freedom to flourish has required civil participation, enlightenment and shared sacrifice. The recent fake public outrage of government overreach has been exhausting. The general population has deluded themselves with mass TV consumption and self-indulgent Internet surfing. This fast food for the mind has fattened these pigs for proverbial slaughter. With this mental disengagement, society has moved closer toward a historical Wag the Dog event unleashing the Dogs of War. Perhaps people have forgotten President Eisenhower warning of military industrial complex.

Mix in the Associated Press debacle with DOJ and IRS revelations, liberals and conservatives have been targets of federalist power. All the government intrusion had been positioned to make the Boston Bombings a remote possibility. Had our intelligence community been incapable of taking leads from their Russian counterparts? Perhaps the end game had been to fish out a bigger terrorist network. Has that made the public disposable? Bloggers have pondered Jeffersonian ideals before Glenn Beck’s call to arms. However, the current administration has sent an institutional reboot to the recycle bin. True power my fellow Americans, has come from within, not from going without.


What has given me pause, the biological experimentation of mice! The individual acts of cloning from one drop of blood to improving cognitive function of mice have been wonderous. Now we have graduated to generating false memories. What corporate and intelligence operations had supported these endeavors? Why cause fear, when one has made the ability to manufacture it. All three of these stories have grand potential shifting to humans subjects. A republic’s worth had only value as credible as the population’s desire to avoid subjugation. People have focused on talking points about amnesty for illegals, Casey Anthony, Obamacare, and Travon Martin. What kind of critical thinking has this nation nurtured? Surely gaming console kills have not saved us from the special interest legislation from DC.

Moving through mazes, mice have been motivated to move forward to survive. Americans have done far less, allowing anonymous additions to federal legislation for corporate welfare and tax loopholes. What had people expected, less your name Apple, Bush, Exxon, Google, GE, Hilton, Kennedy, Obama, etc (i.e. the influential and/or the affluent). For minds echoing paranoid and delusional thoughts, Dick Cheney, had been a conspiracy of one. If I had been given absolute power, perhaps I would try to rule the world like Pinkie and the Brain. Eluding most folks, someone else has been operating at your expense. Why worry if the NSA or another institution has the ability to generate false memories? Americans have avoided the present reality in favor of a Phantom Menace.

“The greater the resolve, the greater the result.”

“Pinky and the Brain Take Over the World” song by yourfavoritemartian
Dogs Of War” song by Pink Floyd

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