OPINION: Cult of personality + Dwight Howard

OPINION: Tomorrow, Dwight Howard will have officially set a new course to play for the NBA’s Houston Rockets. The irony, his athletic ability has been clouded by all the undisciplined verbosity from comments on television to Twitter.  Howard’s LA exit  has made him into an object of ridicule. During time with the Orlando Magic, he had tried to talk ownership into getting his way. In the end, Dwight’s own words had been at odds with Dwight’s own words. Now fellow athletes had seen and heard enough. Howard has become overexposed to the point of skewering by Ice Cube (YOUTUBE) . Hopefully, this will have made Howard focus on his true strengths in basketball.

Dwight Howard’s unempathetic and uninspiring comments have had some recent company from Texas A&M QB, Johnny Manziel, and pro-golfer, Phil Mickelson. All these chips have not been cashed in yet but, what of former Patriot, Aaron Hernandez. Perhaps, if fellow celebrities had provided a mental hockey check things might be different for Hernandez’s potential.

“Deeds, not words” – Tom Coughlin

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