Prokofiev + Sting + James Horner

In November 1985, the Police front man, Sting had released the single Russians. This political commentary had borrowed a melody from Lieutenant Kijé Suite by Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev. Thanks to Sting’s proper crediting at the time, I had borrowed a copy of Prokofiev’s work from the public library. There I had listened to Fritz Reiner’s conduction of the Chicago Symphony rendition of Lieutenant Kijé Suite and the film score to Alexander Nevsky. Alexander Nevsky had provided an unexpected surprise with the piece “Battle on the Ice.” This portion of the film score had seemed familiar in name and themes to James Horner’s “Battle of the Mutara Nebuala” from Star Trek 2: The Wraith of Khan.

What do you think?

Battle on the Ice – YouTube

Battle In The Mutara Nebula – YouTube


Regardless of your point of view, Prokofiev’s rich score had reached maximum potential with Fritz Reiner’s interpretation.

Itunes: Prokofiev: Alexander Nevsky

Film: Alexander Nevsky – YouTube

More information on film maker: Sergei M. Eisenstien (IMDB)

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