Another Petty’s Night: Part 3

Closing out a $70 visit to local meat and fish speciality store were a final round of selections.

1. Mango Jam with spiced Scott Bonnet pepper’s (Mild).

A friend had been sampling this new product with me during the day. The jam below was lightly sweetened with soft arc of heat.


I had almost finished it off before heading home.


2. Grouper.

This had been prepped similar to other proteins with sea salt, garlic powder, and a brushing of olive oil. This 8 ounce portion was fried skin side down for 7 minutes on medium-high heat. The skinless side had cooked 3 minutes (10 minutes total).


Spreading the Mango Jam on the flakes of grouper was a great flavor combination.


3.  Italian Rum Cake

The colorful hues and texture of this desert had been underwhelmed by flavor. The liquor had lacked a certain pungent sharp aftertaste characterizing most rum cakes.


In closing, hope I have helped you consider the following while at home or at a restaurant:

a. Cost

b. Prep time

c. Portion size

d. Taste

Regardless of any zombie babies or where you have dinner, eat and be merry!

Another Petty’s Night: Part 2

Another Petty’s Night: Part 2

With the first night out of the way, night two and night three had been positioned as extra rounds versus going out to eat with $70  budget. The second night’s cooking had focused on seafood from Petty’s Meat Market. This was the scope of new items for night two.

1.  Wild Salmon (8 oz)

After unwrapping, I had applied thin coat of olive oil, salt and garlic powder on the skinless side. This may have seen simplistic and repetitive, but why over-complicate good product.  With medium-high heat on, I had cooked skin side down for 7 minutes. Here was the start of the frying before sealing with a glass cover for moisture.

With the last 3 minutes (10 min. total cooking time), I had flipped the fillet  to cook the skinless side until blackened. The end product was the below. The Salmon was moist and lightly seasoned.


2. Slice of Dark Chocolate Godiva Cake


At first, I had been looking forward to this dessert; however, it had been too dense and sweet to finish in one sitting. Back to the frig in favor of something different and lighter, perhaps a Zombie baby?

3. Slice of Lemon Mascarpone


This cake was light with slight lemon citrus filling and frosting. It was better compliment to the main entree. No Zombie baby needed here! No portion had been seen since this evening.

Reference: Another Petty’s Night: Part 1

Another Petty’s Night: Part 1

The value this go around from Petty’s Meat Market was three evenings worth of quality dinners and dessert, price tag: $70.00.

Here are master shots of the main entrees and desserts.



Night one was composed of the following food:

1) New York Strip  (8 oz.) that had been pre-marinated. This was divided into two (4 oz.) portions with coating of Olive Oil, Sea Salt and Garlic Powder. Both portions were cooked on medium-high heat for 10 minutes.


2) Dry Sea Scallops (4 total) were seasoned again with Olive Oil, Sea Salt and Garlic Powder on medium-high heat for 10 minutes.


3) Twice Baked Potatoes (2 portions) brushed with Olive Oil were heated at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.


This had produced two plates of food which left leftovers for the following day.


4. Served on the side was pint of Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA (Indian Pale Ale). The pint was more than enough for two cold glasses. This ale was a nice accompaniment to the scallops and strip. However, I have been a bit bias toward the Sierra Nevada brand since a road trip to Boston, MA in 1995.


Following dinner on night one were these two desserts;

5) Berry Burlee (1 portion) was served as-is. It was not overly tart but, just enough blend of sweet and creamy.


6) Following the above had been a Lobster Tail Pastry. This was over indulgent piece of pastry loaded with cream. Perhaps had it been on its own, it might have been more enjoyable. The Berry Burlee was superior in texture and taste.


More Information: Petty’s Meat Market, Longwood, FL

Petty’s Meat Market, Longwood, FL

For over a decade, Longhorn, Red Lobster, and Oliver Garden had been on my shortlist for eating out until the 2008 recession. This event had increased food cost and decreased portions. A few years ago, the tipping point had been series of dinner dates to Long Horn and Red Lobster in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Paying over $60 bucks for two folks to eat four-six ounces of over seasoned meat had been enough. Took a friend’s recommendation on a place I had heard of Petty’s Meat Market in Longwood, Florida.


For someone known for appetite like an Insecticon, Petty’s has had many premium options to explore that set it aside from Publix, Walmart, and other supermarkets. They have always had slew of options ranging from standard proteins, desserts, cheese spreads, premade/prepped food and alcohol. Had I mentioned you can have a cup or two of domestic brew while waiting for your order?

Personal favorites at Petty’s I have purchased:

1) Spicy Blue Cheese Burgers
2) Lemon Cake
3) Stuffed Pork Chops
4) Twice baked potatoes
5) Beer cheese spread
6) Cooked asparagus
7) Anti-pasta
8) Scallops






Few things that I have bought that were unexpectedly sub-par:

1) Beef Wellington (cheap pastry casing)
2) Sausage with Asiago Cheese (bland)
3) Duck Sausage (odd flavor for some, suggest the standard spicy pork sausage)


The executive summary, yesterday had purchased a one pound sirloin steak for $22.59. This has been quartered into four ounce portions for same number of quality meals.

Petty’s has easy access off I-4 westbound to Orlando exit to Longwood, FL (two blocks off on your right).

More information: Petty’s Meats | Central Florida’s Meat Market