Review: X-Men Days Of Future Past

Rating: Worth a matinee

Summary: The story had opened in a future with mutant existence sliding toward extinction at the hands of machines named the Sentinels. These machines were the government’s answer to wiping out mutants as a threat. In a final ditch effort to change their fortunes, the older Magneto and Xavier had constructed a plan to stop the creation of the Sentinels by sending Wolverine into the past.

The main attraction for this iteration of X-Men was the relationship between the younger versions of Magneto, Mystique and Charles Xavier with the backdrop of the 1970s. This timeline had picked up about 10 years after the First Class film. The movie’s most engaging minutes were when these characters pivoting against each other emotionally or physically toward defeating the origination of the Sentinels.  In contrast, the best comedic moments of the DOFP had centered around Quicksilver, a hyper fast moving mutant. Another hallmark of the film was the colorful CGI laced action with the demise of several familiar X-Men; however, in the same breadth, some of those character depictions had also started to wear a bit tiresome. On the flip side, one of the great treats of movie were the number of character cameos across the entire franchise. A final surprise was also provided after all the credits. This audience treat was a visual tip-off to the next installment in the X-Men series which includes Apocalypse.

To answer my question from my last post regarding the best summer sci-fi movie of 2014 thus far, that was still Captain America 2: Winter Solider. If keeping a score, X-Men Days of Future Past had come in second. In relation to the X-Men franchise, X-Men 2 was still the most satisfying from my perspective of all the entries then First Class and rounding out with DOFP.


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