Using PowerShell to get membership of AD Group for audits with ADGroupMember cmdlet

Periodically, someone will had visited my desk to inquiry on the membership of any one or multiple groups within Active Directory. Here is a simple clean way to collect the data you require without losing your mind with format exports.

Pre-Requisites: PowerShell Module for Active Directory.

1. Collect the group names you want to review (i.e. Domain Admins, Account Operators).

2. Create a directory named scripts on your Windows system (i.e. C:\scripts).

3. Place the names of groups on separate lines in file (i.e. c:\scripts\identity.txt).


Domain Admins
Account Operators

4. Launch PowerShell Module for Active Directory.

5. Copy and paste the following command:

Get-Contents C:\scripts\identity.txt | Get-ADGroupMember -recursive | fl name,SamAccountName | out-file C:\scripts\members.txt

           NOTE: -recursive switch will cover any nested accounts.

6. Example of contents of c:\scripts\members.txt

name           : ellen.ripley

SamAccountName : ellen.ripley

name            : bishop

SamAccountName : bishop

That’s the quick easy way to produce group membership for your finance or general IT audits with PowerShell.

Read More:

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