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Superhero Scramble Noon, Saturday May 10th, 2014 @ Winter Garden, Florida

After a couple of scheduling conflicts, I had the opportunity to finally hit a regional mud run and obstacle course, specifically the Superhero Scramble @ Winter Garden, Florida. About a week out, I had signed up for the 8 mile excursion with really no idea or expectation of the event. The only thing I was able to say before hand, “I would be participating in the singles wave at noon at Rock On Adventures.” What I had experienced in return, a fun filled active day through 40 or so mini events.


The summary of my participation had boiled down to a couple hours out in cool summer breeze under the Florida sun. Final stats:





The worst part of the adventure was sporting a couple of cramps in my foot arches and losing my $30 sunglasses from Bass Pro Shop. Other than that, the environment was extremely family friendly for such a diverse mix of people. I had thought this kinda of event perfect for a team building exercise; however, that was just my humble opinion. The most novel aspect of the trip, aside from the persistent grit of dirt in teeth, was acquiring a portion of a cow patty in my right pocket for my Nike dry run shorts. Somehow, I had mistakenly took it for a rolled up piece of tissue or paper-towel. At the end of the trek, you were greeted to a freebie Muscle Milk shake, free T-shirt and a faux medal. The real reward was just being around active good spirited people and nature. If you love the prospect of being outdoors and getting your blood flowing, strongly recommend checking their next event out. A couple parting suggestions if you had decided to go, bring a trash bag for your soiled laundry, a few gallons of water and a Camel-back for hydration.

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