On the road to friendship from Florida to California

This upcoming week, I had volunteered to head out to California for work. First, I had loathed traveling for business. Over the years, job opportunities had come across my email, most including more pay and lots of travel. Sure money had provided a better means of living but, at what cost to prime time with family, friends and other loved ones. My motivation for California had stemmed from seeing some great topography and a good friend.

Earlier in the year, my friend and I had talked about catching up but, competing Labor Day plans did not allow us to. The irony regarding our Labor Day plans, we had come within 50 miles of each other in West Florida. Unknown to me, his fishing trip had remained on shore because of bad weather. Go fish, pun intended! The great thing about friendships, with a little effort, hanging out had always seemed to materialize.Tomorrow, I had looked forward to documenting my free-time adventures in Cali, sans Disneyland. The big payoff though was just reconnecting with my friend, Joe.

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