What does a gun make you feel?

“I can see as well as you can. I can feel everything you feel. In fact… I feel *exactly* what you feel” – Praetor Shinzon from Star Trek: Nemesis

Almost a year ago, a friend had offered to sell me a firearm for a $150 dollars; however, even at a steal for a great gun, I had felt very uneasy about the moral proposition of owning a lethal weapon. I think we had all heard of a negligent gun owner(s) with the accompanying horror stories of a weapon(s) falling into the hands of a child, the mentally ill or violent criminal(s). The end result had usually meant the death of one or more innocents. In my mind, owning a gun was tantamount to endorsing violence as a way of life. I had struggled over a period of weeks thinking,”What should I do?” Had I feared so much for my safety and freedom in our republic?

So what had driven the desire for this purchase? First, I had thought best to undercut the opposing American progressive and conservative contradictory dogma regarding life and death. Progressives had seemed comfortable in supporting abortion but, unaccepting of execution as a form of corporal punishment. On the right, conservatives had heralded executions yet, squeamish at the thought of aborting a fetus. From my perspective, each choice had required the ability of exercising freewill, specifically, morality on an individual basis. Reflecting on the termination of life at either end of the spectrum, I had concluded both acts diminish the miracle of life. Regardless of theological beliefs, what greater measure of individual judgment was the act of choosing life over death?

After a few weeks, I had decided to purchase the firearm from my friend. The primary reasons for this purchase was not self-preservation but, the possibility of protecting my family, friends and pets. This choice was framed by a few different events. One memory was a stranger canvasing my apartment for anyone being home. After that, a few other events had tempered my perspective including violent break-ins within my apartment complex, and a double homicide ¼ mile from my home. All these experiences had cumulatively cemented my rational for moving forwarding with this decision. In owning a gun, there were no delusions of grandeur. In firing off practice rounds today, I had only thought of an opportunity to protect lives of those I care for. Regardless of your point of view, I had hoped you consider the spirit of this quote, “Is there anything you would not do for your family?” – Kahn from Star Trek Into Darkness

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