Relax, it’s called a holiday

Driving two hours alone to my brother’s house in Jacksonville, Florida was great therapy for my mind. I had driven effortlessly listening to Daft Punk to Duran Duran along the way.

Closing out my day yesterday, my niece, Ashley had shared a few moments of her vacation to Key Largo during Veteran’s Day. She had eagerly shared pictures and video of manatees, tarpon feeding and a fire juggler. It was awesome to see her face light up with every story. The best moment of the day was getting an air tight hug from her upon arrival. That sensation had made two hours feel like 2 minutes.

Regardless of where, when and why you travel, I had thought,

“Get there in one piece!”,

“Get there, enjoy the moment!”

If the spirit of a visit had taken a back seat to a production of a meal, shopping, television, or everyone grasping their phone, why travel? I had hoped life bless you with a similar moment in time.

After all, relax, it’s called a holiday, savor it.


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