Review: Big, Loud & Live 10, Drum Corps International, a Fathom Event

Review: For those with a musical appreciation for marching bands!

Summary: On Thursday, August 8th, 2013, Fathom Events had produced a live broadcast of DCI’s “Big Loud Live 10” at over 600 plus movie theaters. A friend and I had purchased a pair of tickets for the showing at the AMC Theater at Altamonte Springs, Florida. This live event for Drum Corps International had encompassed the semi-finals performances of the top 15 bands at Lucas Oil stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. For those unfamiliar with D.C.I., this organization had selected members from musical competition with participants under the ages of 21. The purpose of  Drum Corps International was offering a positive, life altering experience through the medium of “the art of marching bands.” With friends previously in Florida State’s Marching Chiefs and high school band, I was intrigued by this alternative event at AMC.

Starting at around 6:30 PM, this auditory spectacle had started an ongoing run of performances. Each group had followed one right after the other. Each band had provided a higher degree of technique and execution. There were two classes of acts, the fair and the phenomenal. Despite the marathon run-time of 5 hours plus, it had provided a different angle on this genre of music outside of college football. For anyone with an affinity for marching bands, I had suggested looking into the 11th entry for this competition.

With respect to Fathom’s one shot broadcasts, they had now become part of the alternative programming from AMC Theaters. The next Fathom Event drawing my attention was the 50th Anniversary episode of Dr. Who’s,”Day of the Doctor in 3D,”  showing November 25th. For more information regarding counter programming choices to Hollywood fare, go to Fathom’s website:

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