Review: Thor – The Dark World

Rating: Worth matinee of $6-$8 bucks

Summary: Thor – The Dark World had provided a lot of cgi eye candy with staggering scenes of Asgard and the other 9 realms. The film had provided a new villain in Malekith, leader of the dark elves. Malekith had intended on returning the galaxy back into darkness with an intergalactic alignment of Asgardian realms. During the process of pursuing his goal, Malekith had attacked Asgard in hopes of collecting a dark power called the Aether. Unfortunately for Jane Foster, she had accidentally fused with the Aether. She had then become the target of the dark elves plan. Joining forces in preventing the cataclysm, Loki had provided an escape for Thor and Jane Foster. For good part of the build to confronting Malekith, Thor’s supporting cast had warned Loki to avoid betraying him In the end, the dark elves had provided Loki this chance. Without providing any spoilers, this sequel had delivered plenty of action, humor and Loki. All these elements had made the 1:55 run-time whiz by. If you had enjoyed the first installment, check it out!

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