WordPress @ 100 posts

Cresting on the century mark, I had pondered what new adventures and opinions to share? Hopefully up to this point, I had illuminated some fact, place or thought to expand the possibilities of living. An overriding theme for my posts had embodied condensing water cooler conversations with family, friends and co-workers. From those conversations, I had arrived at a place between inspiration and consternation. What had made certain moments memorable? What moments had risen to the level of being worthy of communicating to another human?

Someone had recently asked about my blogging,”Run out of ideas yet?” I had recalled,”Only time.” Over the past two weeks, life had thrown a few standard curve balls (I.e. working late, head cold, bum knee). So I had unremarkably felt guilty for resting versus writing. Somehow, these common occurrences, lacking an epiphany or life altering solution had seemed unworthy of articulating online. In reaching for moments that transcend my ego, I had wanted to chart a course of avoiding undue verbosity. I had a few reasons for dabbling on WordPress. One fundamental reason had aimed for extracting key elements of exceptional living by stringing together words, pictures and sometimes video that reflect my individuality. In channeling WordPress into daily activities, it had offered a new avenue of enriching my life. From the mental perspiration, something organic had arrived. The game had changed. An idea had become a living entity.

To the question of, “What is inside you?” I had jokingly thought, “Maybe another 10 posts or 10 minutes editing.” Maybe the goal had symbolized the brightness of a hunter’s moon. That light, like WordPress, had fallen upon my harvest to share, but for how long? Simply I had not known how many more minutes editing from my iPhone. As for what I had planned for writing next? This had all depended on where the Florida roads, a friend, and time allow tomorrow.

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