5 reasons why politicians are a threat to the republic

“Are you aware you are being illegal?” – from the song Election Day, Arcadia

Due to other pursuits, I had ignored most of the insanity of American politicians as of late. With the impeding fiscal fiasco, I had many negative feelings about the inability of our elected officials to act responsibly. Rest assured, if these people had any skin in the game, reason would prevail in our republic.

I had thought numerous times this month, “What idea would communicate a means to act or be accountable?” Anything reasonable and responsible had alluded my mind in pursuit of that answer. Elections, as course of remediation, had transformed into a “joke” on the general US population. At the top of the ballot, I had voted for Pat Buchanan, Ross Perot, Al Gore, Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney. Down ballot I had mixed it up rotating parties. None of this had made a “dimes worth of difference” to quote the infamous George Wallace. As matter of history, incumbents had survived popular sentiment on average. If successful in defeating incumbents, their replacements had coalesced to the influence of lobbyists, the rich and the powerful. We had seen the same reality including insider trading by politicians, trade in-balance with China, Federal Reserve policy devaluing currency, bank bailouts, corporate tax welfare (i.e. oil companies, Apple, Google, etc.). It had all mocked the spirit of democracy. Taking Chris Matthews’ book, Hardball to heart, “It’s not who you know, it’s who you get to know.” Quite frankly, the common lay person had not possessed enough money or power to get to know the right people, or even start a super Pac. The duplicitous nature of federal politicians had communicated a clear message, “Smile, take the money and run.” What other job had offered no accountability? Is this what we had asked our fellow citizens in the military service to protect, corruption?  What had become of “Taxation without representation?” No up or down votes on individual line items, anonymous additions to bills in legislative committee, executive exemptions to Obamacare, it had all reiterated a message to act or be irrelevant. The value of free speech had only found value in full measures.


What of those 5 examples I had thought threaten our way of life by politicians?

1. U.S. Federal Reserve gave out $16.1 trillion in emergency loans to U.S. and foreign financial institutions (www.sanders.senate.gov)

2. You Can’t Occupy This (Slate)

3. How much longer will the dollar be the world’s reserve currency? (humanevents.com)

4. National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order of March 16 (huffingtonpost.com)

5. Death of Habeas Corpus (nbcnews.com)

Government entities like the IRS, NSA, Homeland Security, and more, had held the common man accountable; however, all had steered clear of Washington D.C. In broad daylight had existed the rotting corpse of our republic. Some had asked, “What can they do?” For a while I had focused on quoting Jefferson but, reference #4 above. Perhaps, I had over dramatized fact. What had you thought? Had you thought of a better solution to our quagmire?


Images from: Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and Arcadia’s Election Day

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