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Review: Breaking Bad Final Season, Final Episode – Felina

Review: Worth waking up at 3:30 AM to watch this satisfying closure!

Summary: There have been three shows that I had caught every episode over the past two decades. Stargate SG1, Syfy’s Battlestar Galatica and AMC’s Breaking Bad. All three of them, as far as genres, had different universes. Two constants had been the great chemistry of casting and stories contrasting the human condition. Breaking Bad had continued a tradition of sorts, by focusing on the sublime of living to the cusp of death. All three had drawn across their own personal mythologies at a drop of a dime. Of  these series, Breaking  Bad had been the most complete in closing out plots with an unyielding clarity. In lieu of alien worlds, it had explored the internal universe of human emotions. The alien worlds here had been circumstances and characters like, Walter Jr., Mike, Saul, Gus and more. Bryan Cranstan had completed the journey of Walter White, but few performances can compare regardless of medium (i.e. cable, film, etc..).  In this final episode, he had delivered lines like, “You are going to need a bigger knife” and “I did for it for me” with such consistent precision. This collection of acting had demonstrated the conflicted man, torn between living for himself  versus living in the shadow of cancer. The series had ended resolving the necessary bad blood between Lydia, Jack, Pinkman and Todd. More importantly, it had closed the noose of evil turning upon itself. It had been a while before I found something worth watching regularly. I had been sure it will be some time before I do again. Goodbye “Baby Blue” and good night!


For folks missing the broadcast or a DVR, you can pick up new episodes on iTunes:

“Felina” (posted 9/30/2013),  Inside Breaking Bad: Episode 608, “Felina” (posted 9/30/2013)

AMC had scheduled a rebroadcast of “Felina” on Monday, September 30 th 10 PM (Eastern)

and Thursday,October 3rd, 3 AM Eastern)

AMC’s Breaking Bad airing schedule:

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