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De Leon Springs State Park – De Leon Springs, Florida

Since Labor Day 2013, something had been drawing me back to De Leon State Park. I had been there three different times over as many weeks. Part of that appeal had been proximity to Orlando, Florida. Another part had been the diverse options on premises. The layout had offered open views of the surrounding bodies of water. The springs themselves had provided generally cool waters but, not chilly like the similar namesake of west Florida’s Ponce De Leon Springs. Another visual aesthetic had been the run off spring water pouring into the nearby river basin. For activities outside of swimming, one had the opportunity to go on a riverboat ride, paddle boat or simple pier fishing. Of the immediate hiking trails, all  had been paved with varying lengths. One specific trail had led to “Old Methuselah, a Cypress Tree over 500 years. Don’t worry Central Floridians, the park had installed a monitoring system in case of any pyromaniac. Probably my favorite part of the park had been the “Old Spanish Sugar Mill Grill and Griddle House.” The menu, while short, had made up it with a self-service style pancake making griddle. On the table top, patrons had the option to cook their own regular or gluten free pancakes. Additionally, there had been options for a la carte additions like peanut butter and chocolate chips. If you hadn’t overdosed on sugar yet, on each table a set of bottles. Each bottle had contained either molasses, honey and  maple syrups for finishing off an insulin rush. As for the mill wheel, it had stopped working around 7 years ago; However, the spring overflow had provided enough calming sounds of water for any naturist. If you hadn’t taken a visit out this summer, get out there before colder weather.

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