Trolling for donuts off 46 – Sanford, FL

Every now and then, something had come along that emotionally connects to you, just like ring on your finger or a pair of sunglasses. Sometimes those items had been edible, like corn dogs, bacon, and french fries. Though, most of best tasting eats hadn’t been all that good for you anyway. For that reason, I had been trying to steer clear of sugary goodies. After all, sugar had been the devil. For energy for exercise, I had been front loading the bulk of calories in the morning with various healthy selections.  After a while, I had started to feel more like a robot. In an effort break that fatigue, to feel like a human being, it had been important in hitting the road in pursuit of an indulgent treat. This past week, a friend had mentioned just such a treat, in this place down in Sanford, FL, off 46.

Early Tuesday morning, I had coerced a fellow coworker to hit the road in search of donuts. Now these donuts had been talked up as some kinda of amazing. How many unique awesome things had I experienced out of Sanford, Florida. There had been that meteor shower and  those planetarium shows, but you can’t eat those. So traveling up in the passenger seat, scanning for sugary goodness, my eyes had fallen on this tiny plaza sign for Donuts to Go 2. Hmm, maybe they had good coffee, maybe not. Walking into the store, my view had  immediately been drawn to the display case of confectioneries. Krispy Kreme and Donut Donut had their place, whether on a morning trip or a cold winter night; However, this had a different seductive appeal. The difference had been the eclectic blend of  flavors lining each level and row.

Looking at the woman behind the counter, I had said “Orange Creme, Maple Bacon and Peanut Butter filled Chocolate glazed, to go please.” Unable to wait, I had devoured the Orange Creme almost whole. Then I had known, at $1  a pop, time for vacating the premises before a sugar overload. I had needed to leave while consuming one, and only one donut. I had figured time for enforcing a calorie dispersion strategy. This had meant  sharing with other coworkers. My giddiness from visiting this shop, sugar aside, had been finding food, so flavorful and rich, for so cheap.  If these beauties hadn’t enticed you too, maybe time to check your pulse. Sure, sugar had been the devil, but “Ever dance with devil in the pale moon light?”







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