Review: Breaking Bad Final Season, Episode “To’hajiilee”

Rating: Wow!

Summary: The episode had opened with Todd and Lydia reviewing the purity of his work; however, the main hook had been Todd referring a hit to his uncle. The amazing thing about this episode had been all the loose ends coming to a close. Hank Schrader had bought into Pinkman’s plan into baiting Walter. Hank, to his credit, had  provided enough slight of hand to pull it off. With handcuffs out, Hank had finally gotten Walt behind the proverbially “8 ball”. The irony had been Todd’s uncle negotiating a bargain for Walt’s services. After Jesse realizing the localation for Walter’s money, the sound of artillery shredding metal had begun. The last few episodes had been about style of delivery. Now the audience had been treated to heated action amongst conflicting interests. Walt’s precedent of protecting his family had finally been shattered, albiet unexpectedly. Our final sight of Walt had been trapped in a car with no control over the events surrounding him. The questions arising from this story arc had been “What happens next?” and “How many more hours before the next episode?”


For folks missing the broadcast or a DVR, you can pick up new episodes on iTunes:

“To’hajiilee” (posted 9/8/2013)  Inside Breaking Bad: Episode 605, To’hajiilee” (posted 9/9/2013)

AMC had scheduled a rebroadcast of “To’hajiilee” on Sunday, September 15th 7:57 PM (Eastern)

Next episode, “Ozymandias” Sunday, September 15th, 9 PM (Eastern)

AMC’s Breaking Bad airing schedule:

AMC’s website for more information: Breaking Bad

If you haven’t seen the rest of the series, checkout 1-5 on Netflix.

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