Review: Riddick

Rating: Worth full price for any scifi or action fan.

Summary: With $38 million budget and 7 years of production, Vin Diesel had made another solid, yet smaller entry into the Pitch Black anthology. On a desolate world with a mixed ecosystem, featuring wolf like predators and a water born menace, Riddick had started his journey to reasserting his animal instinct. With a new domesticated pet, Riddick had evolved into a more sophisticated man, despite statements to the contrary; However, Riddick’s dark pragmatism had still endured with quotes like “Leave God out of this, he wants no part of what comes next.” In an effort to escape the planet’s surface, he had enabled an emergency rescue beacon. In pursuit had been two different teams of mercenaries initiating the “body count.” The story had leveraged the best aspects of the two previous installments, the “Mercs” and the monsters. The movie had delivered on key attributes of the franchise with grotesque wounds, unique kills, misdirection and adult humor. One of the highlights had been roll reversals between the members of mercenary teams. Drawing on connections to the first two installments, the script had provided adequate character development and few twists along the way. While lacking the grand scope and climax of Chronicles of Riddick (2004), I had been very satisfied with the brutal action sequences and sarcastic dialogue. At close, the audience had been left in Riddick wake’s leaving the door open for another adventure.




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