Review: Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy Reconfigured

Rating: Worth a spin at $1 per track


Summary: When pre-ordering Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories (2013), I had stumbled across this other release. What I had discovered, a new steady for working out at the gym. Some of you had known Daft Punk from this summer’s  “Get Lucky” (2013) and others maybe from their older club hit, “One More Time” (2001); However, between Tron Legacy (2010) and Random Access Memories (2013), Daft Punk had been missing a certain quality. The Tron Legacy soundtrack had been precise and mechanical to a fault, perhaps the influence of the film’s German producers. In contrast, this year’s Random Access Memories had been over indulgent with certain rifts. Tron: Legacy Reconfigured (2011) had embodied the balance of keyboard fills, syncopation and climaxes. A few stars of 1990’s house and trance, like Paul Oakenfield, Moby, and Crystal Method, had made noteworthy appearances. The best up-tempo entry had been the Teddybears‘ “Adagio for Tron”. In contrast, I had wanted to add Moby’s slow tempo version of “The Son of Flynn” to every summer home movie. With respect to critical acclaim, Photek’s remix of “End of Line” had been nominated for Grammy for “Best Recording Remix, Non-Classical.” The only song that had been disposable, “Arena” from The Japanese Popstars. Despite reading mixed critical reviews, I had loved this album from first play, maybe you will too!

For a quick auditory summary,  Disney Music had posted 9+ minutes of highlights of the whole 1:17 minute runtime: TRON: Legacy Reconfigured – Album Sampler (YouTube)


1. “Derezzed” The Glitch Mob 4:22

2. “Fall” M83 vs. Big Black Delta 3:55

3. “The Grid” The Crystal Method 4:27

4. “Adagio for Tron” Teddybears 5:34

5. “The Son of Flynn” Ki:Theory 4:51

6. “C.L.U.” Paul Oakenfold 4:35

7. “The Son of Flynn” Moby 6:32

8. “End of Line” Boys Noize 5:40

9. “Rinzler” Kaskade 6:52

10. “ENCOM, Part II” Com Truise 4:52

11. “End of Line” Photek 5:18

12. “Arena” The Japanese Popstars 6:07

13. “Derezzed” Avicii 5:03

14. “Solar Sailer” Pretty Lights 4:32

15. “Tron Legacy (End Titles)” Sander Kleinenberg 5:04


Daft Punk album collage courtesy of CS version of Photoshop & GarzaFX

More information:

Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy Reconfigured available on iTunes and Amazon

TRON: Legacy Reconfigured – Album Sampler (YouTube)

“The Grid”-The Crystal Method from TRON: Legacy Reconfigured (YouTube)

Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy Reconfigured Facebook Page

The film, Tron: Legacy (IMDB)

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