Kennedy Space Center with Atlantis Shuttle Exhibit – Titusville, FL

Few years ago I had visited Kennedy Space Center in Titusville. The general reaction to the park had been a fun, positive outing at K.S.C. Though like an automated manufacturing process, the exhibits had completed their tasks of presenting historical media and other facts with an unemotional dated precision. For any Floridian, we had already seen visual spectacle with Universal Studios, Islands of Adventures and Disney. On the other hand, Seaworld and Busch Gardens, had tapped into raw emotional connection between animals and people.  With Atlantis Shuttle Exhibit, K.S.C. had changed their game with inspiring visuals, grandeur and even a slight of hand trick.


The first presentation of the Atlantis Shuttle Exhibit had been a dramatization following the twelve year creative process to bring the shuttle program to flight. How many of us had worked on anything outside of kids and marriage that long? Once this film ended, people had moved to another auditorium. Projected on the unique multi portion screen had been the lush greenery around K.S.C. with the first orbiter in the backdrop. The thundering launch kicks off a montage of various Nasa history and animated rendering that had been blended through the various screens. Periodically, I had to twist my body left-right, back and forth to keep up with all the moving space born objects. By the end of the movie, I had deeper appreciation for the size of these vehicles and monumental tasks of moving them to a live launch. Don’t get emotional much, but definitely it had plucked my heart string on the nationalistic tip.  This movie had complimented the size of shuttle with its supped up exhibit hall. This side of KSC had been worth seeing again. To that end, it had been time well spent on a Saturday noon.










More information:

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