Perseids 2013: Meteor shower at Mullet Park Sanford, FL – Tuesday, August 13th, 2013, 4:30AM Eastern

At 4:30 AM Tuesday, August 13th, 2013, 4:30 AM Eastern, I had parked my red Ford explorer under the lights of Mullet Park. After missing out two previous nights to travel to Deltona, FL and New Symnra, FL, I had arrived to witness the peak of this astronomical event. A few nights before, I had been inspired by Derek Deter , Director of the Planetarium at Seminole State College to get out to view my first meteor shower. Walking away from the two park lights, the uncoordinated chorus of frogs had filled the humid still air. Open 24/7, the location had seemed peaceful and away from civilized “light pollution.”

As I gazed unto the clear open sky, one after another had shot on during my hour there. A dozen or so streaks of various brightness had filled my field of vision. Nature had been subtle in delivery as I struggled to search turn to the night above.
Perhaps, people had wondered, why I had not taken more pictures of the park or the sky above. One technical limitations of my glorious iPhone3GS. Secondly, if I had been wasting my time toying with my phone. I would had not been able to focus on adjusting for the different courses of the lights above. Remarkable, sometimes, one doesn’t need to record events, just live them.

To that end, when the next meteor shower had rolled around. Stop, take stock of were you are in your life and the galaxy, look up.

There had been the exception a shooting murder about a year ago. The only thing, I had heard or seen, were the meteors


Some people wake to the mundane nature of a day. But how much time do you have. Are you the hungry insects that had swarmed to consume my blood at the edge of dawn. A mosquito has limited shelf life..much like the passing meteors.

Silence marked by the unsychronized sounds of frogs. Time is an illusion that no way can hold. Only the reflection of emotion fills the humid air.

There an hour in, I had filled my quota for blood to the vernom and nature filled my eyes with the wake of streaks across the sky. God I cant wait until colder weather washs down upon FLA

Glad I didn’t know that to start with, maybe I would have skipped on the trek to Geneva, FL


More Information: Mullet Park, Sanford, FL
Hours and Contact Information
Open daily 24 hours
Greenways and Natural Lands Division
845 Lake Markham Rd, Sanford, Fl 32771
Phone: 407-665-2001





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